Marvel Comics Digitized on DVD

If you’re the type who thinks big-screen superhero adaptations always pale in comparison to the original comic books, there’s a new set of DVD releases designed especially for you. Tomorrow, Sock Puppet Studio and Intec Interactive are releasing a number of Marvel favorites in digital comic book format.

The first set of titles will include Hulk Volume 1: "Return of the Monster," Hulk Volume 2: "Boiling Point" and "Six Hours," The True Story of Wolverine: "Origin," Daredevil Volume 1: "Guardian Devil," Ultimate X-Men Volume 2: "Return to Weapon X," Ultimate X-Men Volume 3: "World Tour," Ultimate X-Men Volume 4: "Hellfire & Brimstone," Ultimate X-Men Volume 5: "Ultimate War," Ultimate Daredevil Elektra Volume 1 and The Ultimates: "Super-Human."

Each digital book is comprised of an entire Marvel graphic novel augmented by animation and special effects. More than 100 minutes of animation is included on each disc. There are also extra features like trailers, character biographies, original artwork, a cover gallery, a documentary exploring how comics are made and bonus chapters including first appearances from Marvel’s early days.

In addition to working on standard DVD players, the Marvel comic book DVDs are compatible with PlayStation 2, Xbox, Mac OS X and DVD-ready PCs. They will retail between $9.99 and $13.99 (almost half the cost of the original graphic novels.)