Manga Puts More Fist Down on DVD

Manga Ent. will release volumes three and four of the original Japanese TV series Fist of The North Star on July 29. Based on the immensely popular Japanese comic book series, the show was produced by TOEI Animation Co. and appeared on Japanese television before any of the feature films or action toys became hugely successful worldwide.

The title character is Kenshirom, a lone warrior of power and purity, who bears the mark of the Great Bear on his battle-scarred chest. The legendary fighter and sole practitioner of a lost martial art is able to call upon ancient powers to help him defend the weak and disenfranchised in a post-apocalyptic world.

The series has been digitally remastered for the release. DVD features include stereo sound, motion menus, English and Japanese language options, English subtitles, character bios, a photo gallery and a prologue.

Each volume contains seven half-hour episodes and will retail for the suggested price of $24.95. Volume five of the series will be released on October 28, 2003.