Madagascar 2 Escapes to DVD This Week

Leading the DVD releases this week is Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. The DreamWorks Animation title, which stars Ben Stiller, Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett Smith, is due Friday in four formats: fullscreen DVD, widescreen DVD and Spanish DVD ($30.99 each) and Blu-ray ($39.99).

Other major releases this week include The Secret Life of Bees (Fox Searchlight, $29.98 for widescreen DVD, $39.99 for two-disc Blu-ray), Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (Screen Gems, $28.96 for widescreen DVD, $24.94 for UMD, $39.99 for Blu-ray), Zack and Miri Make a Porno (The Weinstein Co., $29.95 for DVD, $39.99 for Blu-ray) and Bottle Shock (Freestyle Releasing, $27.98 on DVD).

Other releases of note include Berenstain Bears Springtime Surprises (Sony, $12.99), Clamp School Detectives Complete Collection (Bandai, $49.98), Clifford Puppy Days: Practice Makes Perfect (Lionsgate, $9.98), Ghost Slayers Ayashi Part 1 (Bandai, $39.98 regular, $49.98 limited edition), Lone Wolf & Cub TV: Volume 6 (Media Blasters, $24.99), Strawberry Shortcake: Happily Ever After (Fox, $14.98) and Tom & Jerry Tales: Volume 6 (Warner Bros., $14.97).