KidCartoons Personalizes Comics, Cartoons

Building on the concept of the personalized book, which incorporates the name of the reader or person read to in the text, KidCartoons has produced a new line of customized comic books and animated video cartoons for children.

KidCartoons’ artists can take personal photographs and make any child the animated star of the company’s Hero Saves the Day! video or comic book space adventure.

The animated video also contains personalized titles and works the name of the child’s hometown and the names of three friends into the story. In addition, kids can follow step-by-step instructions and make their own toy spaceship just like the one featured in the cartoon. Each video is five minutes long and sells for $39.95.

The comic book features a personalized logo and cartoon character based on the child’s image. It comes with a full color cover, 12 black-and-white pages and sells for $19.95.

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