Invader ZIM, Space Ghost DVDs Land on Earth

Get ready to drop some serious cash on DVD releases featuring your favorite cult animated heroes today. First up, our hats are off to the demented geniuses at Media Blasters who are releasing an inspired box set of the popular Invader ZIM (2001) series today. Priced at $39.95 (but going for $27.97 on, this package contains a Grr figurine designed by Palisade Toys and one disc, containing almost 200 minutes of extras such as best soundtracks from the series, interview with composer Kevin Manthei, making of the audio docu, eight unfinished episodes, and the uncut version of the Christmas Episode. Die-hard fans are already swooning over the brilliant DVD box, which is shaped like ZIM’s house. Please note that this new box doesn’t include volumes 1-3 of Jhonen Vasquez’s much-loved series. That package has aleady been released and goes for $90 for 3 volumes.

Twenty-Four more episodes of the demented Cartoon Network Adult Swim block favorite, Space Ghost Coast to Coast (Vol. 3) also arrive on DVD today. Released by Warner Home Video and available for $ 29.98 ($20.00 on, this 2-disc set features 24 episodes of the quirky show, plus alternate ending for the "Zorak" episode, a featurette titled Space Ghost’s Mysterious NASA Experience, commentary on five different episodes, interviews with creators Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, subtitles in English, Spanish and French, and "A Moment with Jon Stewart!" Now that’s what we call a really cool deal.

For those of you who are crazy about anime, there’s also Magical Meow Meow Taruto Paw Print V2. Released by Bandai, this cult fave is up for grabs for $29.98 and features the adventures of those wide-eyed feline superheroes, also known as the Mew Mew Power gang, which currently airs on 4Kids TV.