Hulk Hits Home Video

Universal’s big-screen take on Marvel’s not-so-jolly green giant muscles its way to video store shelves today, bulking with bonus material. The 2-disc Hulk Special Edition DVD features deleted scenes, audio commentary with director Ang Lee, making-of featurettes, behind-the-scenes footage, a playable demo of Vivendi Universal Games’ The Hulk for Xbox and more.

Marvel fans should enjoy an extra feature titled Captured Fury, in which illustrators from around the world create a scene from the movie in comic book form. Evolution of the Hulk follows the superhero’s path of destruction from the first Marvel printings to his on-screen metamorphosis. For those who want to really dissect the character, there’s Superhero Revealed–The Anatomy of the Hulk, which allows the viewer to manipulate ILM’s 3D model with a remote control. The film’s director goes under the microscope as well in The Incredible Ang Lee, an examination of his hands-on directing style. Finally, for the EFX aficionado, the disc breaks down the digital trickery behind the films much talked about dogfight sequence. You can also read more about ILM’s EFX work for the film in the June issue of Animation Magazine.

The Hulk stars Eric Bana as tormented genetic engineer Bruce Banner, who becomes a massive green figure each time he’s overcome by rage. Obviously, this hitch puts a damper on his romance with his colleague and girlfriend, played by the always-solemn Jennifer Connelly. Looking a lot like that famous mug shot from his arrest, Nick Nolte portrays the hero’s sinister father, who also possesses some superpowers of his own.

The Hulk Special Edition DVD is available as both widescreen and full frame versions, and retails for the suggested price of $26.98.