Harryhausen Autobiography Animates U.S. in April

In April, Billboard Books will release Ray Harryhausen: An Animated Life by master stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen and Tony Dalton, with a foreword by famed sci-fi writer and longtime Harryhausen pal, Ray Bradbury. The book was released in the U.K. late last year and has been well-received by critics.

Harryhausen is the creator of visual effects and the creative driving force behind such classic sci-fi and fantasy films as Jason and the Argonauts, 20 Million Miles to Earth, One Million Years B.C. and The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad. In the book, he documents his life on celluloid, illustrating it with storyboards from his personal achive. He also shares entertaining anecdotes about working with film stars such as Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith and Lionel Jeffries, and how he created so many indelible cinematic images.

The 304-page book includes 366 color and 691 black and white illustrations and will retail for $50.00 in hardcover addition.