H2V Media Sees Future in Astrology.com

Canada-based H2V Media announced last week that it’s partnering with Astrology.com for the distribution of H2V’s mixed media documentary series Astro 12: The Collection & Other Esoteric Traditions.

Mixing live-action footage and various types of animation, the high-definition 12-episode series about personal growth and spiritual evolution will be released this fall in both Blu-ray and DVD formats. The project uses Flash animation and live-action Much of this material will also be available on Astrology.com, a website owned by a subsidiary of NBC Universal, Inc.

Henrique Vera-Villanueva, CEO and founding partner of H2V Media says, ‘This exciting pioneer project has enabled us to collaborate with some of the innovative and inspiring distribution channels being offered as a result of today’s technology. It has been satisfying for me to be producing such a series, which not only has a global outreach but also a positive perspective, where ancient traditions from around the world have a venue to co-exist and be heard.’

Vera-Villanueva says he believes this is the first time an indepth 12-part series has explored the co-relations between Western astrology and other esoteric traditions such as the Tarot, Greco-Roman mythology, the Kabbalah, Yoruba Afro-Latin America, alchemy and magic. ‘In general everything in the market related to astrology is fairly marginal,’ he adds. ‘Ninety percent of the time they target the horoscope part of it. We are focusing in the human archetypes of the Sun signs and the mythological and storytelling part of the traditions ‘not at all on the horoscope part.’

For more info, visit www.h2vmedia.com or www.astro12.com