Goldilocks, Mermaid, Transformers on Disc

The new CG-animated movie Goldilocks & the 3 Bears Show from the Jim Henson Co., Genius Products and The Weinstein Co. brings family-friendly enchantment to home video this week. Also on order for the tykes is The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea Special Edition for the girls and Transformers Energon: The Ultimate Collection, a four-disc set of the the animated series for boys.

The latest installment in the Jim Henson Co.’s Unstable Fables series, Goldilocks features the voices of Brooke Shields, Tom Arnold and Jamie Lynn Spears in a reality-show twist on the classic fairy tale. In this rendition of the story, Goldilocks is a sassy reality TV star who decides to film her next show at the humble home of the Bears. She sets out to bring them a taste of the celebrity life, but ends up learning the importance of being part of a family. The disc lists for $19.97 and includes a lesson on how to draw a character and The Making Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Show.

The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea was first released in 2000. The sequel focuses on Melody, the daughter Ariel and Prince Eric. Threatened by Morgana, the evil sister of sea witch Ursula, Ariel and Eric try to keep Melody from learning about her mermaid roots. While frolicing in the sea with Ariel’s old friends, Sebastian and Scuttle, the teen discovers her heritage and becomes an unknowing pawn in Morgana’s evil plot. Bonus features includes a new ‘Underwater Mer-Venture Challenge’ game, a ‘What Am I?’ sea creature game, a storybook Narrated By Jodi Benson (the Voice of Ariel) and ‘Gonna Get My Wish,’ a song that was deleted from the original release.

Transformers Energon: The Ultimate Collection contains all episodes of the animated action show that debuted on Cartoon Network in 2004. The Energon is the one energy source that can revive the evil Unicron and bring him back to power. To stop him, Optimus Prime utilizes the “Spark of Combination” to mobilize his small Autobot force and transform them into larger, more powerful robots. The box set from Paramount Home Entertainment carries a suggested retail price of $61.99.