Final Fantasy to Street By Late October

If you can’t get enough of Final Fantasy: Unlimited on TV or as a game, there will soon be two DVD versions of the popular anime franchise available for purchase. ADV Films is releasing Final Fantasy: Unlimited-Phase 1 on Oct. 28 in a regular package and a special collector’s edition. The initial volume includes four complete episodes directed by Mahiro Maeda, one of the most acclaimed anime directors in Japan. Maeda was recently hand-picked to direct two of the animated shorts included in The Animatrix, the Wachowski Bros.’ direct-to-video anime side project based on their hit Matrix franchise.

As with most DVD releases, both Final Fantasy packages will be filled with extras including, among other items: voice actor/actress commentary, production sketches, key animation backgrounds, reversible cover, printed character booklet, ADV previews and opening and closing animation. The regular DVD package has a suggested retail price of $24.98 with the collector’s edition coming in at $39.98. As is becoming more common, this is a DVD-only release. It includes both English- and Japanese-language versions, with English subtitles.

In a related announcement, ADV says a week before Final Fantasy comes to the market, it will release RahXephon 6-Aria, the sixth volume of that popular anime series. The RahXephon series debuted on Japanese TV in 2002 and became an immediate sensation, with fierce action and the multilayered complexity of the plot and characters drawing in viewers by the tens of thousands. It will carry an SRP of $29.98.