Dora, Jimmy and Little Bear Titles Hit home

Animated TV favorites are packaged for keeps as Paramount Home Ent. Today releases installments of Little Bear, Jimmy Nuetron and Dora the Explorer on home video.

Dora the Explorer: Meet Diego introduces Dora’s super-cool cousin. Diego works at the Animal Rescue Center and can make animal noises and talk to wild critters. His unique talents come in handy as he and Dora set off on a rainforest adventure. Also included are the bonus episodes "Little Star" and "Wizzle Wishes." The DVD runs 100 minutes and retails for $19.99.

It’s time to grin and bear it as a certain ursa minor finds himself under the weather in Little Bear: Feel Better, Little Bear. Young fans can watch how friends and family cheer him up in the episodes "Between Friends," "Pillow Talk," "A Flu" and "Little Bear’s Sweet Tooth." Also included is Little Bear’s "Between Friends" poetry game, as well as eight bonus episodes: "What Will Little Bear Wear?," "Hide and Seek," "Little Bear Goes to the Moon," "Gone Fishing," "Under the Covers," "The Campfire Tale," "Up all Night" and "Night of the Full Moon." The DVD has a running time of 102 minutes and retails for $19.99.

Everybody’s favorite red-headed boy genius is back with Jimmy Neutron: Sea of Trouble. Just in time for Halloween, Paramount releases the episodes "Raise the Ooby Scab," "Phantom of Retroland," "Hypno Birthday to You," "Hall Monster," "Trading Faces," "Journey to the Center of Carl," "I Dream of Jimmy," "Substitute Creature," "Broadcast Blues" and "Professor Calamitous." Also featured are Nicktoons behind-the-scenes spots, storyboards and a photo gallery of Jimmy’s wacky inventions. The DVD runs 110 minutes and lists for $19.99.