Disney 2D Refugees Prep Book, Feature

One of a number of independent animation houses that cropped up after Disney shuttered its 2D animation operation in 2003, Miracle Studios is building its own Mouse house with a new childrens’ book that will serve as the basis of a 2D animated feature film starring Miracle Mouse. The book is now available for pre-sale on the Miracle Studios website, with proceeds helping to fund production of the movie.

Established by Tom Hignite, Miracle Studios is comprised of 2D artists who previously worked for Disney and Warner Bros. ‘I have been a lifelong fan of Disney animation and, as an artist and businessman, when I learned about Disney closing its 2D animation studios, I saw an opportunity,’ says Hignite. ‘We’ve been able to put together a remarkable team of animators whose resumes include work on such films as Mulan, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, and we’re looking forward to adding a Miracle Mouse title to their credits in the near future.’

The book, Miracle Mouse: Cranky’s Miracle, is 28-page illustrated tale that follows Miracle Mouse and his beaver friend, Okey Doky, as they help their cranky friend to see everyday Miracles.

The first minute and 15 seconds of the feature film will premiere in Wisconsin at the 2006 Parade of Homes in July. The footage will then be available for download on the Miracle Studios site shortly after. Completing the film will require additional funding and investors .

Miracle Studios is a full-service art studio specializing in print illustrations and classic 2D animation. In addition to contract work from businesses and ad agencies, the team has produced commercials featuring Miracle Mouse for Hignite’s Miracle Homes. More information on the company and the book is available at www.hignitesmiraclestudios.com