Danger, Will Robinson! Lost in Space Found on DVD

If you like your sci-fi old school, help is on the way. Adding to the plethora of DVD iterations of old TV product, Fox is releasing Lost in Space today. No, not the egregiously bad 1998 Matt LeBlanc/William Hurt vehicle of the same name but the actual first season of the cheesy but hugely influential mid-1960s cult ABC series the film was based on.

Starring Guy Williams, June Lockhart and the incomparable Jonathan Harris as the cowardly Dr. Zachary Smith, Lost in Space was the alphabet web’s answer to NBC’s Star Trek. But the analog special f/x were no match for the wizardry of the Enterprise’s transporter, photon torpedoes and Mr. Spock. Many purists maintain that the first season of the Space Family Robinson was by far the best of the show’s three seasons.

Lost in Space: Season One is an eight-disc set with all 29 episodes from the campy cult sci-fi adventure, along with the unaired pilot episode. The suggested retail price is $79.98.

Also up for grabs this week is the first season DVD package of the HBO Larry David series Curb Your Enthusiasm, the first season set of the classic sitcom Green Acres and the Best of Mr. Ed collection.