Classic Disney Toons on Disc

Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Chip ’N Dale are back in the home entertainment spotlight as the House of Mouse today releases four volumes of the Disney’s Classic Cartoon Favorites collection. They may not be as deluxe as the Walt Disney Treasures anthologies, but at $14.99 each, they’re priced just right for a few laughs with some old pals.

Disney’s Classic Cartoon Favorites Volume 1: Starring Mickey offers the shorts Mickey’s Circus, Mickey’s Garden (1935), The Little Whirlwind (1941), On Ice(1935), Hawaiian Holiday (1937), Moving Day (1936) and Orphan’s Picnic.

Volume 2 picks up with Donald and his star turns in Inferior Decorator (1948), Don Donald (1937), Golden Eggs (1941) Bee at the Beach (1950), Donald’s Dog Laundry (1940) Donald’s Vacation (1940) Old MacDonald Duck (1941) and Chef Donald (1941).

Goofy graces Volume 3 with some of his best shorts, including The Art of Skiing (1941), How to Fish (1942), How to Swim (1942), Baggage Buster (1941), How to Dance (1953), Lion Down (1951), The Big Wash (1948) Hold That Pose (1950) and Father’s Day Off (1953).

Finally, its fun with Chip ’N Dale in Volume 4, which features the titles Chicken in the Rough (1951), Chip ‘n Dale (1947), Two Chips and a Miss (1952), Food for Feudin’ (1950), Out of Scale (1951), Working for Peanuts (1953), Out on a Limb (1950), Three for Breakfast (1948) and Dragon Around (1954). This is perhaps the most desirable of the four, since there is no Chip ’N Dale Walt Disney Treasures collection out yet and these shorts are hitting DVD for the first time.

Each DVD features an hour’s worth of classic cartoon shorts and is distributed by Walt Disney Home Entertainment.