Chiodo Bros. Collaborate with Harryhausen

Burbank, Calif.-based vfx and animation shop Chiodo Bros. Prods. has teamed up with stop-motion animation legend Ray Harryhausen on a couple of recent projects. Brothers Stephen, Charlie and Edward Chiodo will appear with their idol and mentor in an interview to be included on the upcoming DVD release of the original Mighty Joe Young. Universal will release the film on Nov. 22nd as part of a three-movie set with the original 1933 King Kong and its sequel, Son of Kong.

The bothers also provide comments on the Kong and Son of Kong discs. ‘In the bonus features, along with other notable personalities, we talk about how much the Kong films influenced us as special effects artist and filmmakers,’ the brothers write in their latest newsletter. ‘When we were kids, we would watch these movies over and over again on Million Dollar Movie. They amazed us from the moment we saw them and inspired us to travel down this wild, crazy and bumpy road in the motion picture industry.’

Chiodo Bros. Prods. has also been busy creating stop-motion animation and other effects for the latest 1950s horror spoof from writer/director Larry Blamire (The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra). Trail of The Screaming Forehead will be the first title released under the ‘Ray Harryhausen Presents’ banner.

‘We’re really excited about this project,’ the brothers remark. ‘The script is a lot of fun and gives us the chance to create some great stop-motion animation shots as well as over-the-top make-up effects. The movie is a sci-fi send-up of the monster movies we watched when we were growing up and we’re looking forward to helping bring Larry’s vision to the screen.’

Trail of The Screaming Forehead is being produced in association with Chanceuse Prods. Exec producer is Lauren Taylor Swift and a “Special Forehead Consultant’ credit goes to Frank Darabont, writer and director of such films as The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile.