Another Terrific Tuesday for TV Toons on DVD

If you dig catching full seasons of your favorite animated shows on DVD, this is going to be one heck of a week for you. We’ve got new releases featuring Rocky and Bullwinkle, Family Guy, Josie and the Pussycats and Billy and Mandy all hitting the shelves on the same day!

We always cheer when there’s a Jay Ward package out, and the new Best of Rocky and Billwinkle Vol. 2 is no exception. The new Classic Media release features the delightful flying squirrel and his best buddy in three of their pun-packed adventures”Wassamata U’ ‘Goof Gas Attack’ and ‘The Treasure of Monte Zoom.’ We get 130 minutes worth of zany moments for $12.95′look at it as something to curb your appetite before the complete set from Season Four arrives (we hope!). Our hats off to voice stars June Foray and Bill Scott, as ever.

Before the awful live-action movie from a few years back, Josie and the Pussycats had their own Hanna-Barbera toon on Saturday mornings in 1970 and 1971, You can wallow in that specific brand of nostalgia as Warner Bros. is releasing the complete 16 episodes of this silly series on DVD today. The toon follows the adventures of the pop group as they travel the globe and foil the evil plans of master criminals, while delivering forgettable pop ditties! Based on the Archie comics characters, the show also had a spin-off which found the group orbitting in space! A few acting trivia tips for fans: Janet Waldo was the voice of Josie, Casey Kasem starred as the cowardly Alexander Cabot III and yes, Charlie’s Angel Cheryl Ladd provided the singing voice of Josie. The two-disc set sells for $26.98.

Moving forward a few decades, we also have the fifth volume of Seth McFarlane’s Family Guy arriving in stores with 16 side-splitting episodes. Among the plotlines: Brian and Stewie get shipped to Iraq; Lois jumps into bed with Bill Clinton; Peter sues his doctor for sexual harassment; Meg falls for Brian; Peter gets a job at an evil superstore. The 3-disc set also includes 38 deleted scenes, commentary on all the episodes, three animatic episodes, and two featurettes ‘Drawing Peter’ and ‘Toys, Toys Galore.’ The Fox release sets you back $39.98!

Cartoon Network is also releasing the first DVD package featuring one of its consistent, underdog toons, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: Complete Season 1. Created by the very talented Maxwell Atoms, the show first aired in 2001 under the Grim & Evil title. The stories center on a down-trodden Grim Reaper who is forced to befriend the dimwitted and cheerful Bill and the cynical, cunning Mandy. Selling for $19.98, this DVD packs close to five hours of fun and games.