Animated Riddick Preview Online

If you liked The Animatrix, you’re probably eagerly awaiting the upcoming direct-to-video anime release, The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury. A three-minute video preview has emerged online at

Directed by Peter Chung (MTV’s Aeon Flux, portions of The Animatrix), Dark Fury bridges the gap between director David Twohy’s sci-fi sleeper hit, Pitch Black (2000), and its big-screen sequel, The Chronicles of Riddick, which is slated for release on June 11. Dark Fury will hit shelves June 15.

The animated and live-action films continue the adventures of intergalactic antihero Riddick, played by Vin Diesel, who lends his voice to the animated project. His video game production company, Trigon Studios, is in development with Vivendi Universal Games on The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, an interactive title that serves as a prequel to all the other projects and explores the origins of the man with the see-in-the-dark eyes.

A widescreen, unrated directors cut of Pitch Black was released today on DVD as Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black. The disc includes Commentary with director Twohy, stars Vin Diesel and Cole Hauser, producer Tom Engleman and visual effects supervisor Peter Chiang. Other extras listed are The Chronicles of Riddick Visual Encyclopedia, Johns’ Chase Log, Dark Fury: Advancing the Arc, The Game Is On and A View Into The Dark. *