Animated Hulk Smashes to DVD

As Universal gets set to unleash its CG Hulk in theaters across North America this weekend, The Incredible Hulk animated series today makes its DVD debut. The release compiles the first four episodes of the 1996-97 series and explores the origin of the Hulk with exclusive commentary by comics legend and Hulk co-creator Stan Lee.

In a desperate race against time, Bruce Banner tries to reverse his gamma ray-induced curse and return to normal. Along the way, he wages an all-out battle against his attackers and smashes his way through incredible odds.

DVD extras also include commentary from award-winning Hulk comics writer Peter David, an “Inside the Hulk” behind-the-scenes look and the bonus episode “Origin of the Hulk”/”Enter the Gorgon”/”To Be a Man” from the 1966 animated series.

This Buena Vista Home Ent. release runs 83 minutes and retails for $19.99 DVD and $14.99 VHS.