AN Ent. Obtains Miami Guns

Florida-based anime home video distribution company AN Ent. has acquired the official English language translation and distribution rights to the anime TV series Miami Guns. The risqué action/comedy features a pair of buxom beauties packing heat and spoofing American and Japanese pop culture icons such as Godzilla, The Matrix movies, slasher flicks, spaghetti westerns and professional wrestling.

When Yao Sakurakouji, the self-absorbed and short tempered daughter of one of Miami’s richest and most powerful families, decides to join the police force, she’s partnered with the sullen and slightly psychotic Lu Amano. Together the pair declare war on Miami’s criminals, Yao’s mysterious father, their own police force and anyone else foolish enough to stand in their way.

The 13-episode show was first broadcast on southern Japanese television in early 2000 and was rebroadcast in the Tokyo area in the fall of 2000. The animation was adapted from Takeaki Momose’s original manga by Group TAC, the studio responsible for anime series including Those Who Hunt Elves, Saiyuki, Oruchuban Ebichu, Ippatsu Kikimusume, and all of the Street Fighter anime. The animation was directed by Yoshitaka Koyama, the director of the Rune Soldier Louie anime TV series.

Notable voice actors on the production include Megumi Toyoguchi (Chobits, .hack//SIGN, Vandread), Yukari Tamura (Please Teacher, Galaxy Angel, PitaTen), Mitsuru Ogata (Lupin III: Dead or Alive, Millennium Actress, Burn Up W, Pokemon), and Rie Tanaka (Machela in Wild Arms, Steel Angel Kurumi, Chobits, Azumanga Daioh).

AN Ent. will tentatively begin the domestic DVD only release of Miami Guns in mid 2004. The DVDs will contain bilingual audio with optional English subtitles and accurate dialogue translations transcribed in cooperation with the original Japanese producers. Also included will be extensive supplemental material including original Japanese music videos, TV spots, cast interviews and translation notes.