Alice, Python, Critic, Trek and Others Feed DVD Week’s Fix

Classic sci-fi, children’s tales and comedy are among the riches filling DVD racks this week.

First up, Disney’s 1951 ani classic Alice in Wonderland. The two-disc release features a newly-restored audio track and crisp video from a high-definition master. Among the extras: I’m Odd, a newly discovered Cheshire Cat song; Virtual Wonderland Party with games, sing-alongs and dances; an Adventures in Wonderland set-top game; a Thru the Mirror Mickey Mouse cartoon; and a Walt Disney introduction (Disney).

While the very young set will be glad to see four new episodes of Blues Clues: Classic Clues on DVD (Paramount), their dads will be probably equally thrilled with another Paramount release this week: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Special Collector’s Edition (1991). The two-disc set ($19.99) has many Trekkie extras. Commentary by director Nicholas Meyer and screenwriter Danny Martin Flinn; text commentary by Michael Okuda and Denise Okuda, co-authors of The Star Trek Encyclopedia; six featurettes on the making of the film; and a tribute to the late, great DeForest Kelley (Paramount).

Also on tap for release this week: Comic Book: The Movie (2004), directed and starring Mark Hamill, Bruce Campbell, Matt Groening, Ray Harryhausen, Hugh Hefner, Stan Lee and Kevin Smith on a two-disc set. Extras: Commentary by Hamill and the cast; Four Color Frenzy: The Making of Comic Book: The Movie; Stan Lee on comic book movies; Hugh Hefner on comics and women (Miramax).

For comedy fans there are two big titles. First, The Critic–The Complete Series, a three-disc set with 23 episodes of the adult animated series in stores at the SRP of $49.95. Second, the Pythonesque Time Bandits: Special Edition with John Cleese, Sean Connery and Shelly Duvall, which is being released on a two-disc set with a new wide-screen transfer and Dolby 5.1 sound. Extras include: The Directors: The Films of Terry Gilliam, a career retrospective, the original screenplay on DVD-ROM and a fold-out map of the universe of the film (Anchor Bay).