WeirdBeard’s Rush Wins Batman Game Contest

Game developer WeirdBeard has won the casting call from Warner Bros. Animation, Mochi Media and DC Comics for a Flash game that extends the brand of the current TV series Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

The winning game, titled Batman: Gotham Rush, can be played online at The game was one of ten basic game designs chosen by a panel of experts from the sponsoring companies to turn into a finished game.

Seven more games from that group of finalists will debut on each Thursday through Sept. 24. They are: Batman: The Rooftop Caper, from James Greb; Game Over for Owl Man, from Difference Games; Batman: Countdown to Conflict, by MegaDev; Plastic Attack, from Will Hankinson; Batman: Scarecrow’s Revenge, by Let’s Design; Batman: Bat Brawl!, by Michael Lapinski; Batman: In the Heat of the Night, by Liquid Interactive; Batman: The New Recruit, by Mouse Hog; and Batman: Jumper, by Evil Rat Studios.

“Flash gaming is a wide-open market that’s growing so fast, so combining the reach that Flash games have with the creativity of Mochi Media’s development community and a beloved character like Batman is a great opportunity for us to reach new audiences,” said Sam Ades, VP digital animation, Warner Bros. Animation, and general manager