Visa Rewards Warcraft Players

Visa has expanded its slogan ‘Everywhere you want to be’ to the virtual world. Blizzard Ent. has partnered with First National Bank of Omaha to offer a Visa Rewards credit card based on World of Warcraft, the company’s wildly successful massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The card is available in a range of World of Warcraft designs and special benefits include a reward program that allows cardholders to earn World of Warcraft game time.

“We worked with First National Bank to design a credit card that provides meaningful benefits for World of Warcraft players,” says Blizzard COO Paul Sams. “In addition to the benefits it offers, we feel that the World of Warcraft Visa card is another great way for players to represent their gaming passion out in the real world.”

Warcraft fans can choose from thirteen different card designs will graphical elements that include the World of Warcraft logo and all ten playable character races, including the Horde and Alliance factions. Players earn a reward point for every dollar charged on the card, and can redeem 1,500 points at the World of Warcraft community site for a month of play. Blizzard and First National Bank are also offering a promotional free month of game time to cardholders upon their first use of the card.

The World of Warcraft Visa Rewards credit card is available exclusively to United States residents. To apply, players can visit