Titmouse Games Dives into Seven Haunted Seas

Hollywood-based toon shop Titmouse (adult swim’s Metalocalpyse) has officially launched its original game development studio venture, Titmouse Games. This new gaming arm is overseen by gaming veteran Aaron Habibipour who joins the team as creative director. Habibpour has worked on titles such as Guitar Hero, Darkwatch and Gun, and has won several awards for outstanding art and innovative gameplay.

“Titmouse Animation is the worst-kept secret in the industry, and we always felt that our super-geek cred and weirdo-but-accessible vibe would apply to the video game world,” says Keith Fay, VP and creative producer for Titmouse Inc. “Aaron is a big, twisted metal-head geek, and he has the experience and the chops to bring a certain juicy deviance to the Titmouse universe.”

Titmouse Games’ maiden voyage is the original console Action RPG, Seven Haunted Seas, which is described as a ‘mixture of steam-punk and graphic novel-like artwork,’ and follows the dark comedic tale about an undead pirate, Scurvy Pete, that returns from hell to find a dark, post-apocalyptic future.

The Titmouse team plans to partner with like-minded publishers and explore options for digital distribution on future projects. For more info, visit www.titmouse.net or www.titmousegames.com.