THX: Electronic Arts Is Listening

That animated THX logo and signature electronic crescendo you see and hear when you go to the movies will soon make it ways to your game console. THX Ltd. has created a new sound and visual certification standard for video game development environments and Electronic Arts will be the first to develop and publish THX Certified titles.

EA has incorporated the THX performance standards into its mixing rooms and studios worldwide. The first THX Certified games will be SSX 3, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and Medal of Honor Rising Sun, followed later by Need For Speed Underground and JAMES BOND 007: Everything or Nothing.

THX established specifications for room design as well as acoustic and equipment performance to make sure sound and visual quality are consistent in every EA mixing room.

"With sound and image quality becoming such critical elements to the success of video game titles, the environments that games are created in must be built to the highest possible technical standards," says Joseph Vogel, VP of business development at THX.