THQ, Paradox Ent. Game for Conan

The epic adventures of Robert E. Howard’s 1930s literary creation, Conan the Barbarian, have been told in novels, comic books, movies and a television series. Now video game maker THQ is bringing the muscle-bound warrior to the interactive realm through a worldwide, multi-year licensing agreement with Paradox Ent. Inc. and Conan Properties International LLC. The deal covers development for all current and next-gen systems, as well as PC, wireless and handheld platforms.

Conan continues to be one of the most successful comic book licenses. Director John Milus successfully adapted the property for the big screen with 1982′s Conan The Barbarian, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, who donned the loincloth again for 1984′s Conan the Destroyer. The role was then handed over to Bodybuilder Ralf Moeller in the late ’90s with the syndicated television series Conan: The Adventurer.

TDK-Mediactive released a Conan video game in 2004, but THQ will launch the franchise’s first large-scale game initiative, which will be part of a major re-launch of the property across all media worldwide. Actor Ron Perlman has been signed to voice the Conan character for Swordplay Ent.’s upcoming animated feature, Conan: Red Nails, and a third live-action feature film is currently in development purgatory at Warner Bros.