Sun Rises on New Medal of Honor Game

Electronic Arts has begun shipping the eagerly awaited Medal of Honor Rising Sun to retailers nationwide. With its impressive animation and realistic portrayal of battle at sea, the fourth console installment of the award-winning series generated quite a buzz when it was unveiled at E3 earlier this year. Now it’s available for PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube.

Set in the Pacific Theatre of Operations from 1941-1944, Rising Sun pays homage to the courage and sacrifice of those who rose to the challenge of combatting Japanese Imperial forces in some of the most brutal campaigns of WWII. Players assume the role of Marine Corporal Joseph Griffin as he survives the attack on Pearl Harbor, then joins the battle against the Japanese in the Philippines, Guadalcanal, Singapore and Burma. Along the way, players will earn awards and medals for their meritorious service in defeating the enemy.

In addition to the single-player gameplay, combatants have the option of teaming up with a friend in the all-new co-op multiplayer mode or battle in four-player splitscreen mode on all consoles.

In a first for the Medal of Honor franchise, up to eight players can join in online action using PlayStation 2. Players go head to head across nine levels ranging from the jungles of the Pacific to the streets of the Orient.

Rising Sun was developed by EA Los Angeles. As with the previous Medal of Honor titles, the producers worked closely with the Congressional Medal of Honor Society to ensure that the game reflects the ideals and integrity of the prestigious Medal of Honor. Capt. Dale Dye, who served as military technical advisor on the previous titles, also contributed to the development to ensure the authenticity.

Medal of Honor Rising Sun is rated "T" (Teen) and caries a suggested retail price of $49.99. For more informatin, see the official Medal of Honor web site