Sony Online Opens Gates of Discord

Fans of the massively multiplayer online role-playing PC game EverQuest will be happy to know that the latest expansion will be in stores tomorrow. Sony Online Entertainment Inc. is shipping EverQuest: Gates of Discord complete with a "magical" in-game item and a unique in-box gift, the Taelosian Staff (while supplies last).

“Almost five years in to the life of EverQuest, and the game continues to grow and evolve at an amazing rate,” says Michael Lustenberger, director of product marketing for Sony Online Entertainment. “Gates of Discord includes 20 new NPCs models, which is more than we’ve ever included in a single expansion, as well as an exciting new character class and a whole new continent for players to explore.”

Gates of Discord offers exploration of a newly discovered continent on the west side of Antonica, where the port of Nedaria’s Landing is abuzz with activity in preparation for what Sony Online calls "one of the greatest and most dangerous expeditions in the game’s five year history." Stories and events will lead players across a previously uncharted land twisted and scarred by an unknown force. New alternate advancements promise to challenge the most veteran of players, while the new Berserker class brings inordinate amounts of strength and bravery.

Party leaders will receive an additional bonus in the form of new leadership abilities, which will allow them to identify and designate the order of groups of monsters for the entire group to attack.

The retail version of Gates will carry the suggested retail price of $29.99. A digital version will also be available for download on February 10 from for $29.99.