Sony Game Gets Chatty

Massively multiplayer online gaming just got huger. Sony Online Entertainment has announced that Champions of Norrath will support USB headset voice-chat functionality during online play when it ships next month.

“Voice chat is the final piece of the puzzle with Champions,” says Michael Lustenberger, SOE’s director of marketing. “It’s the one feature that has been most requested in the game and we’re pleased to announce its inclusion.”

In order to support the amount of data that passes among four players talking and playing simultaneously, gamers will need a broadband connection. A network adapter for the PlayStation 2 game will also be needed. Players have the freedom to join an existing game, host their own game or join/host a private game via SOE’s matchmaking service, Alternately, up to four players can use the Multitap (sold separately) to play together on a single PlayStation 2.

Champions of Norrath features thousands of items, weapons and spells, a wide selection of character customization options, randomly generated dungeons that create a different and unique gameplay experience with each adventure, online and offline cooperative multiplayer adventuring, and a detailed 3D engine with multiple camera angles. For more information, visit