Showtime Gets into Games

Having branched out from showing movies to building a slate of successful TV series, premium cable network Showtime is now looking to grab a piece of the lucrative video game business. The Associated Press reports that the CBS Corp.-owned channel has entered into a joint venture with game publisher Broadband Libraries LLC to offer games over the internet.

Dubbed On Broadband, the service is slated for a Q2 launch and will provide cable TV companies and DSL broadband servers with a turnkey source of downloadable and online games that they can slap their own brand on. Showtime and Broadband Libraries will receive fees from these companies, as well as revenues from subscription customers. Some games will be offered for free and others will be pay-to-play.

On Broadband will be competing with Turner Broadcasting System’s GameTap, which also offer a vast array of games to internet users. And like GameTap, the service will also offer game-related programming including reviews and cheats.