SEGA Game for Alien

In the gamespace, no one can hear you scream. SEGA of America Inc., SEGA Europe Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising have announced a worldwide exclusive agreement to bring the Alien film franchise to next-generation game consoles. Fans cans look forward to seeing Ripley kicking extra-terrestrial but in series of titles to begin hitting retail in 2009.

“SEGA will utilize the power of next-gen systems to blend the time-honored story with leading edge design technology to deliver a riveting and suspenseful gameplay experience,” says Simon Jeffery, president and chief operating officer of SEGA of America Inc.

“Alien is one of those special franchises that has continued to thrive in licensing long after it has left theaters,’ adds Elie Dekel, exec VP of Fox Licensing & Merchandising. ‘The L & M program has been very successful over the years because we have partnered with the best companies in each category and created appealing products that become must-haves for the extremely loyal Alien fans.”

Featuring Oscar-winning creature effects, the first Alien film debuted in 1979 and spawned three sequels that took the franchise into the digital age. Combined, the films have grossed more than $557 million worldwide and the original production was recently selected by the United States Library of Congress for preservation in the National Film Registry.

Next-gen Alien in development include a first-person shooter and a role playing game. For more information, go to