Phantom Materializes on Web

Infinium Labs Inc. has announced the launch of, a new web site for its next-generation Phantom Gaming Service. The feature-rich site offers consumers a preview of what lies in store when the Phantom is unleashed in 2004.

The new web site provides visitors with the opportunity to learn more about Phantom’s products, services, specifications and developer program. “The site will evolve as we move forward to launch our online store,” says James Roberts, chief marketing officer of Infinium Labs.

The Phantom Game Service is a system that supports games on-demand, game rentals, game demos, seamless upgrades and patch management. At launch, the Phantom is expected to be the fastest, most powerful gaming system on the market and will include a broad selection of pre-loaded games, on-demand titles and game rentals. The always-on broadband device will allow gamers a wealth of options from wireless connectivity to massive multiplayer capabilities. Users can also demo games before purchasing or subscribing.