Pepsi, Microsoft Giving Away Xbox 360s

Through a new Pepsi-Cola company promotion, thousands of gamers will be given the opportunity to own an Xbox 360 before Microsoft’s next-generation console hits retail this holiday season. The Mountain Dew “Every 10 Minutes” sweepstakes began yesterday and will see one of the video game and entertainment systems given away every 10 minutes for nine weeks straight.

Unlike other product sweepstakes, this contest is a game of strategy. Participants can actually choose how they will play, positioning themselves to optimize their chances of winning. Hopefuls can start by going to to register and set up a free account. Then they set about collecting codes, which are printed under specially marked caps of 20-ounce and 1-liter bottles of participating Pepsi products and under the rim of specially marked fountain cups. It’s up to the player to choose which 10-minute drawing to enter. Codes can spread across different drawings or stockpiled and put toward one event.

According to Frank Cooper, VP of promotions and interactive marketing for Pepsi-Cola North America, thousands of people have already registered. Those numbers are expected to climb with this week’s debut of a new national TV and radio campaign produced by BBDO New York.