NVIDIA, Intel introduce Handheld Multimedia Platform

NVIDIA Corp.’s GoForce family of handheld graphics processing units is getting together with Intel Corp.’s newest processor family (codenamed Monahans) to provide content developers with a powerful new development platform. The Monahans platform products promises to offer a wide range of performance, power and integration capabilities for content designed for mobile phones, portable gaming devices, personal media players and other consumer electronics. Meanwhile, NVIDIA’s GoForce handheld GPUs, including the recently launched NVIDIA GoForce 5500, enable advanced multimedia features such as digital TV, advanced photo imaging, surround sound audio and 3D gaming on next-generation handheld devices.

“Increased global demand for high-quality digital media on the move is driving a dramatic increase in the adoption of multimedia processing technology for the wireless market segment,” says Mark Casey, general manager of Intel’s applications processor business unit. “The Monahans platform family and NVIDIA GoForce family of processors have both been architected with this steep growth curve in mind, and their combination will support exceptional 3D and multimedia capabilities in handheld devices.”

Philip Carmack, senior VP of the handheld GPU group at NVIDIA, notes that by working together, Intel and NVIDIA have been able to leverage their respective investments in the mobile market. “The end result of this collaboration is a solution that provides developers and end users with an exciting platform for mobile 3D gaming and multimedia content enjoyment,” he remarks.

For more information on the NVIDIA GoForce family of handheld GPUs is available at www.nvidia.com/page/handheld.html.