Norrath Ships in Time For Valentines Day

Sony Online Entertainment’s PS2 version of Champions of Norrath will ship to U.S. and Canadian retail stores on Feb. 11, 2004.

“With five playable characters, randomly generated dungeons, online co-op action with up to four players and relentless, non-stop action, Champions of Norrath offers an incredible game-play experience for every type of gamer," says Michael Lustenberger, SOE’s director of marketing.

SOE promises that their PS2 Champions of Norrath will set new standards in the genre. The game features thousands of items, weapons and spells, character customization, randomly-generated dungeons that create a different and unique experiences with each adventure, online and offline cooperative multiplayer adventuring, and a detailed 3D engine with multiple camera angles.

Norrath offers the online multiplayer component at no additional cost (Internet connection required for online play. Online connection fees are the responsibility of the user). Up to four players per game can adventure in Norrath over the Internet via broadband connection using the network adaptor for PS2. As of a few weeks ago, the game also offers both USB headset voice capability and keyboard support for players to chat and plan strategies. For more information see