Nintendo’s Kirby Takes to the Skies

Nintendo’s iconic Kirby character was seen flying over several U.S. neighborhoods sharing his name on Thursday. In promoting the Sept. 22 debut of Kirby Super Star Ultra for the DS, Nintendo released thousands of pink, lighter-than-air mini-Kirby clouds into the skies around Kirby Middle School in Birmingham, Ala., the historic Kirby’s Mill in Medford, New Jersey, the Kirby Gate shopping center in Memphis, Tenn. And Kirby Park in Kingston, Penn.

‘We brought Kirby back in way that helped our ‘super tuff pink puff’ literally take off,’ says Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s exec VP of sales and marketing. ‘To date, more than 20 million Kirby games have sold worldwide, making Kirby one of our most popular characters. Kirby Super Star Ultra is a game that will please both veteran and new gamers alike.’

The floating Kirby characters were created by a company called Flogos from environmentally friendly soapy bubbles and lighter-than-air gas. The advertising invention was customized for Nintendo by adding coloring to the bubble mixture for the first time ever. For more information about Kirby Super Star Ultra, go to