Nintendo Sets Sights on CG Features

According to The Hollywood Reporter, video game publisher Nintendo plans to enter the crowded CG feature film market. The company reportedly has no projects in the works yet but is exploring the possibilities of bringing its established properties to the big screen and hopes to make an announcement by the end of the year.

In addition, Nintendo wants to integrate its new, wireless-equipped Nintendo DS hand-held gaming unit with designated movie theaters so users can download game data transmitted during certain scenes in the next Pokémon movie, due to hit theaters in Japan this summer.

It’s not certain whether Nintendo will shoot for the big screen or home video market with its CG toons, but its entry into the market will most likely put it in competition with boy-targeted, direct-to-video action franchises like LEGO’s Miramax-distributed BIONICLE series and Mattel’s Mainframe-animated Hot Wheels movies, rather than big-budget Disney and Pixar flicks.