New ‘Legend of Korra’ Game Debuts on


Fans of Nick’s popular animated series Legend of Korra can enjoy a new tie-in game which debuted this week on Legend of Korra Book 2: Dark Into Light, is based on upcoming episodes from the new season of the show.

Players are asked to help Korra fight against dark spirits and enemies encountered through various levels, trying to bring light and balance back to the environment. This interactive, side-scrolling game features rich animations, effects and parallax scenes to keep gamers on their fingertips. In addition, fans can earn collectible tokens, upgrades and power-ups as missions are completed.

Legend of Korra Book 2: Dark Into Light is also available on the Nickelodeon HTML5 mobile games hub at and the Emmy-award winning Nick App. Mobile play features a character overview with description of newly introduced characters and a trivia section. Fans can also answer all five trivia questions per episode to earn a special code to unlock secret missions for the game on

Legend of Korra season two premieres this Friday at 7 p.m. / 6 p.m. (ET/CT) on Nickelodeon. Visit to access more games, photos and episodes from the series.

Legend of Korra Book 2: Dark Into Light

Legend of Korra Book 2: Dark Into Light