New Atari Console Goes Old School

While most video game makers are busy pushing their latest titles for the holiday season, Atari has a new plan to get more mileage out of its catalog of classics. The gaming pioneer is set to release the Atari Flashback Classic Game Console, a plug-and-play device that comes loaded with 20 vintage Atari favorites including Asteroids, Centipede and Breakout, as well as Saboteur, which is being offered to gamers again for the first time.

A hybrid of the Atari 2600 and 7800 consoles, the unit is modeled to resemble a smaller replica of the 7800, which hit the market 20 years ago. The Flashback comes with two joystick controllers, a power supply and a cable plugs directly into the TV for easy set-up and use.

Other titles pre-loaded on the console include Adventure, Air Sea Battle, Battlezone, Canyon Bomber, Crystal Castles, Desert Falcon Food Fight, Gravitar, Haunted House, Millipede, Planet Smashers, Sky Diver, Solaris, Sprintmaster, Warlords, Yar’s Revenge.

Atari recently licensed some of its classic games for use in Jakks Pacific’s popular line of plug-and-play TV Games, which resemble old Atari joysticks and come loaded with ten games for around $25. The Atari Flashback will cost a little more. It will be available in November for the suggested retail price of $44.95.