New Animation Studio in Orlando

Boston-based game developer Cecropia Inc. today announced the creation of its new animation and production studio in Orlando, Florida. The Orlando studio will focus on creating artwork and animation for the company’s first interactive title, currently in development, and has secured the talents of industry veterans including Walt Disney Feature Animation alumni.

"Our company is committed to finding top talent and building one of the best gaming studios in the country,” says Ann-Marie Bland, president and CEO of Cecropia. “The incredible work being done at Cecropia represents a unique collaboration between our feature animation film industry veterans in Orlando and our gaming veterans and engineers in Boston."

Cecropia was established in 2001 and is currently developing an animated story, which incorporates traditional hand-drawn animation and allows players to control the emotions and social interactions of the characters.

Cecropia continues to interview candidates for key animation positions at the Orlando studio and plans to formally open its new office in September. More details on the company’s first interactive game will be announced in the coming months.

Since the closing of Disney’s Orlando toon studio last year, a number of animation studios have cropped up to utilize of the area’s pool of available talent. In January, a group of former Mouse House artists announced the formation of Legacy Animation Studios near Orlando. Then in March a group of seasoned Disney character animators banded together to form Project Firefly Animation Studios to be based is offices on the Universal Studios Florida backlot. In addition, Raven Animation Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Raven Moon Ent. Inc., signed a joint venture agreement with MG Studios in Orlando to put the laid off animators to work.