NetDragon Developing Disney Fantasy Online

Online game developer NetDragon Websoft Inc. in China has teamed with the Walt Disney Co.’s Interactive Media Group for the first time to create Disney Fantasy Online, a massively multiplayer online role playing game set to launch this spring. The title will immerse gamers in a Disney-themed world hosted by Mickey Mouse and friends.

Gamers will prepare and train for the many adventures to be had as they explore, complete quests and advance to the next level. There will be virtual items to be acquired and used to personalize the gaming experience and explore additional worlds more extensively. Expansion packs with new adventures and maps will be constantly added to the game, providing more opportunities for gamers to uncover new content and secrets.

‘Disney is committed to providing gamers in China with the ultimate digital entertainment destination,’ says Stanley Cheung, exec VP and managing director of Walt Disney Greater China. ‘Our characters and stories endure across generations, platforms and now immersive online experiences. We are very pleased to be cooperating with NetDragon to create a unique, fun, and brand-new entertainment experience for gamers.’

Key features of the game will include in turn-based battle mode, fully customizable player avatars, Disney-themed ‘pets’ to raise throughout the game and virtual castles to build.