Megamind Game Kicks Off Multiyear THQ-DreamWorks Deal

Video game maker THQ has signed a deal with DreamWorks Animation to create games based on the studio’s upcoming films, starting with fall release Megamind.

According to a report in Variety, the deal runs against the current grain of the videogame industry, which has been pulling back from games based on movies.

The multiyear deal calls for THQ and DreamWorks to work together through the development process, embedding game makers with the animators for as long as two years so the final game faithfully reflects the tone and style of the movie.

“The videogame audience is fragmented,” THQ chief exec Brian Farrell told the trade papers. “If we make games for a DreamWorks film, we know what that audience is.”

“We’re extremely excited to kick off our new collaboration with THQ on the Megamind game,” said Kerry Phelan, head of worldwide consumer products for DreamWorks Animation. “We’re very impressed with how the THQ team got so immersed into the world of Megamind and translated our film in so many new and exciting ways into the interactive game space.”

The Megamind game will be released in November, with the feature film set to debut on Nov. 5.