Marvel Spins Vid Game Group

Following its huge success with the Spider-Man video game, comic empire Marvel Enterprises is forming its own stand-alone video game group. While many content providers once just licensed their product to third-party developers and publishers, now more and more of them are starting in-house efforts to fully participate in the huge profits of the game world.

The new Marvel division is to be headed by Ames Kirshen, whose official title is manager of game development. He will report to Gui Karyo, president of publishing, and work closely with Tim Rothwell, president of worldwide consumer products.

Several Marvel character-branded vid games are already in production through existing video game license agreements with Activision, Encore, Universal Games and THQ.

Marvel’s news follows yesterday’s announcement that Warner Bros. was starting its own video game unit. For at least five years, worldwide revenues from games have surpassed those of the North American box office by a considerable margin.