LEGO Batman Flies to iPhones/iPods

Just in time for the holidays, fans of LEGO Batman: Gotham City Games can enjoy their favorite caped crusader on iPhones and iPod Touch screens. The Warner Bros. Interactive game features 16 fun mini games that explore the heart of Wayne Manor. Along the way, players pilot the LEGO Batwing and solve some of The Riddler’s most mind-bending puzzles. Each challenge is linked together by a brand new story, shown through stunning, hand rendered cut scenes, backed by a full orchestral soundtrack.

Once players master the game to become a True Hero or True Villain, they unlock bonus content including never before seen artwork, trailers and wallpapers. The wallpapers can then be saved into the player’s iPhone or iPod Touch picture library and used to identify callers or to spruce up the background of their phone.

The game was developed by TT Games, the same studio that created the acclaimed console release. You can download it from the iTunes App Store for $5.99 (a special holiday price) at