Godzilla to Be Unleashed on Wii

Atari Inc. announced that it is developing a new game titled Godzilla: Unleashed for Nintendo’s Wii and DS systems, as well as Sony’s potble PSP device. Shceduled to hit retail this fall, the fighting game will feature the Big G. going up against a number of the most renowned monsters of all-time in epic melees set I destructible environments.

With Godzilla: Unleashed, gamers will be challenged to save the planet from mayhem and destruction. Players will claw, kick, stomp, throw and blast their way through the streets of major cities around the world in order to claim the title of King of the Monsters. The game will feature a fully reinvented combat system and an innovative, non-linear storyline which will allow players to influence how the story unfolds through their choices within battles.

“We are building on the famous Godzilla franchise by focusing on multiple story paths and devastating urban destruction, and utilizing the most imposing creatures in film history, all in one hard-hitting fighting game,” says Rick Mehler, director of marketing for Atari. “In Godzilla: Unleashed for the Wii, players will tap into their inner monster powers when using the system’s wireless, motion-sensing controller.”

Toho’s Godzilla debuted on the big screen in 1954 and has become one of the longest-running film franchises in history. Released last year in North America, Godzilla: Final Wars is supposedly the final chapter in the saga, but fans are holding out hope that Toho continues the series.

Godzilla Unleashed will be the third title in the video game franchise. Atari previously released Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee in 2002 and Godzilla: Save the Earth in 2004. For more information on the upcoming game and other Atari products, go to www.atari.com.