Globex Opens Los Angeles Studio

A group of leading game makers has teamed up to launch Globex Studios LA, which will be the North American development and project management office for global online games leader Globex Studios.

Globex will start out entering the online gaming markets in the United States and China, creating cost-effective, visually stunning and innovative game titles.

“The ability to innovate and be agile has become essential for creating great games,” said Benjamin Chow, chairman and CEO of Globex Studios. “By putting together this highly creative international team, we are bringing together the highly sophisticated gameplay of a western game with the unique social gameplay of a Chinese MMO ‘ effectively delivering engaging game play experiences that reach broad consumer demographics on a global scale. We are excited to be meeting these challenges and experiencing the growth opportunities of the evolving worldwide industry with our talented Globex Studios and now Globex Studios LA teams.”

Globex Studios LA collectively boasts prior work on more than 100 console/PC games, including notable Pandemic Studios successes Star Wars Battlefront and the original Mercenaries and Destroy All Humans! games. Key members of the L.A. team include former executive art director of Pandemic Studios Carey Chico as president and chief creative officer; award-winning video game designer, director and producer Troy Dunniway as VP of game development; and game product development and publishing veteran Jesse Taylor as chief technology officer and chief operating officer.

The company is currently working on a development slate of original IP that includes a specific focus on massively multiplayer online role playing games targeting the Chinese market as well as online titles with a global appeal.