GameCube Sales Spike with Price Cut

Nintendo’s aggressive move to better position its home video game console in the holiday market is apparently paying off. Since the company dropped the price if its GameCube to $99 last week, the company reports that sales have more than quadrupled.

“Clearly, this move is what game players desired, and also what our retail partners wanted,” says George Harrison, Sr. VP of marketing and corporate communications for Nintendo of America. “We’re already receiving requests for additional shipments of Nintendo GameCube systems between now and the holidays.”

In addition to the price cut, Nintendo has made the Gamecube more attractive to gamers by releasing an adapter that allows the machine to play Game Boy Advance titles on a TV screen. The company has also promised to release more than 100 new titles before the end of the year, including the highly anticipated Mario Kart: Double Dash!

Nintendo has invested more than $50 million in its new marketing campaign, featuring the tagline “who are you?” In all, $100 million will be spent marketing the company’s products through the end of the year.