Game Developers Capture Motion with VICON

Motion capture technology developer VICON has made friends with top video game studios around the world. Many producers of the year’s biggest-selling titles are adopting the company’s VICON 8 MCam and VICON 6 VCam motion capture systems, along with VICON iQ, for the creation of in-game moves, cinematic sequences and more.

Companies including Artem Digital, Attitude Studios, AudioMotion, Blur Studios, Bohemia Interactive, Epic Games, House of Moves, Hypnotix, Konami, Links DigiWorks, Microsoft Game Studios, Midway Games, Red Eye Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment of America have all based motion-capture pipelines around VICON gear. Recent credits include Lara Croft: Angel of Darkness, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Spawn: Armageddon, Skyland and kill.switch.

VICON says the main attractions are its systems’ high performance, scalability and portability, coupled with integration with Maya, 3Ds max, Character Studio, Softimage XSI and Kaydara’s MotionBuilder, MoCap and Online.

According to VICOM, customers also benefit from the unique features of VICON iQ, an intelligent software application that automatically processes complex or occluded data sets. Users can even export character skeletons from Maya as Vicon Skeleton

Templates (VSTs), fit them kinematically to capture data and feed them directly back into their CG package of choice.

With the introduction of the VICON V6 VCam system, built around VICON’s low-cost VCam cameras, VICON says it has made optical motion capture a viable option even for small production facilities and game companies. Game developers such as Hypnotix are producing large quantities of character animation with this solution, which can be set up and run by a single operator in a space as small as an office or conference room.

VICON Motion Systems is a subsidiary of OMG plc with global headquarters in Oxford, U.K., and US headquarters in Lake Forest, Calif. For more information about VICON, visit