Game Creator to Become Latest Trilogy King

A new vid game version of The Wizard of Oz from noted artist and twisted toy maker American McGee should be coming to the big screen soon. McGee tells Animation Magazine Online that Jerry Bruckheimer Films has optioned the movie rights to the game and toyline American McGee’s Oz. The deal calls for a trilogy. Though there’s no schedule for producing the first film, screenwriters Kevin and Dan Hageman are already attached to the project.

According to McGee, in a prequel of sorts, the first film will tell an original story of what happened in Oz before Dorothy landed. It will explain where the various characters came from. By the end of the film, Oz will be at the point where L. Frank Baum’s original novels begin. Baum wrote 13 original Wizard of Oz books, beginning in 1900. Several titles are in the public domain. Those familiar with the video game American McGee’s Alice should know that this version of Oz

“I’d like to see it done ala Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc.’live action with heavy CG,” says McGee. “From what I understand, that is the film company’s intention.” Games, books and other projects based on the property are also in the works. Carbon6, the interactive entertainment franchise properties company co-founded by McGee and Anthony Jacobson, owns the intellectual property rights.

The new film will be accompanied by a book-version to be published by Warner Books co-written by McGee and Camden Joy. Video game rights are still being negotiated.

McGee previously put his unique twist on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland with the video game and toyline American McGee’s Alice. Those familiar with that project should know that this new vision of Oz will go to a stranger place than somewhere over the rainbow.