First Look: Ninja Council 4 and Pangya Fantasy Golf

Video game news is heating up as E3 approaches, giving Animation Magazine Online the chance to preview Tomy’s upcoming releases Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Council 4 for the Nintendo DS and Pangya Fantasy Golf for the PSP.

Up first is Ninja Council 4, the first entry in the series to take on the Shippuden storyline, which takes place several years after classic Naruto and features older versions of the characters.

Due out June 2, Ninja Council 4 is a more story driven game than previous entries in the series, with new characters and moves that should please fans of the popular manga-anime-gaming franchise.’

The game is easy to learn and offers immediate challenges. The story mode features characters picking a main player plus two support characters. The touch screen is put to good use as a way to build up power and manage your team.

There’s also a lot of variety. The game begins with five playable characters ‘ a number that grows to 17 unlockable characters. There also is a Ninja Mode, in which players can return to completed levels to replay them with new restrictions, and the ability to duke it out directly with your friends wirelessly.

Up next is Pangya Fantasy Golf, which works on two levels ‘ as a basic golf game and as a story-based fantasy game. The fantasy part features all the customization of an RPG, with 9 playable characters in story mode.

The game also has a free round mode that just features the golf game, as well as Tournament, License and Network mode.

The golfing part is solid all on its own, but what makes the game really fun is the fantasy elements. You can play as a bear, as any number of cute girls or boys, and not only can you dress them up (or down) pretty much as much as you want, you also can pick the type of club your characters swing. All in all, something for fans of sports games and RPG-style fantasy.

Pangya Fantasy Golf is due out in late June exclusively on the PSP.