Final Fantasy Radio Launched

While technology has improved video game animation immensely, it also allows for much better music to play gamers through level after level. One game known for its rousing scores is Final Fantasy and fans will be happy to learn that publisher Square Enix U.S.A. Inc. and America Online Inc. today launched the Final Fantasy radio station.

The America Online Radio Network exclusive channel features 200 tracks from the top-selling Final Fantasy video games. It is the first-ever AOL [email protected] Network station dedicated to a single video game and is available for listeners on [email protected], [email protected] for Broadband and [email protected] under the Soundtracks & More category. The service is available to all AOL members and fans on the web, and will be live through April 2004.

The Final Fantasy station features complete tracks from Square Enix’s recently released Final Fantasy XI: Rize of the Zilart and samplings from top-selling games including Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy X.

"The music is not just for gamers, but for all music lovers around the world," comments Square Enix U.S.A. president and CEO Jun Iwasaki. "With their enormous reach and superior sound quality, the AOL [email protected] Network is a great way to showcase our music library."

In addition to listening to the soundtrack files, AOL for Broadband members can access an exclusive broadband video highlighting tips for playing the Final Fantasy XI game by typing in AOL Keyword: First Tip. On Nov. 18, members can also visit AOL Keyword: Final Fantasy to access the game trailer, see the new characters and download an application that will check to see if their PC is ready to play the new game.